Unified platform for,
student information & learning.

Modern application for running any type of educational institutes to manage administrative and student learning activities in one simple and beautiful platform.

How it's working?

Our Growth

Analyse, plan, and execute your student life-cycle as a mechanized system

& Communicate

Administer multichannel engagement and outreach campaigns using campus event planning. Online collaboration & guided recruitment coaching using streamlined and highly personalized communication.


Online Registration
& Admissions

Tailored registration & admission system according to your requirements with flexible & configurable admission application portal to attract & enroll best fit applicants.

& On-board

Evaluation using critical success factors and effective short listing assessments with intuitive real time data visualizations of admission targets with actuals. Handle placement tests & interviews all online.



Maintain all the student’s academic information as a milestone in the student’s growth. Track, organize and manage student records anytime, anywhere.

Online Learning
& Assessment

Helps instructors manage all their class activities and assessments, all online. Providing a more intuitive & focused learning path to students thus enabling instructors to spend their time more productively.



A tool for your campus to manage student receivables, billing, collections and payments, reversals, refunds and cashiering for maximizing your organization's profits. Seamless integrations of student financials with third party systems.

& Alumni

Promote & transfer your students. Automating graduation processing from your student's graduation request up to convocations with your institute degree.

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While you focus on the quality of education, we help make rest of the tasks simple!

Increase your enrollments

Enforce policies in your institute

All information on your fingertips

Provide ease to students by staying connected


Mobile App

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Core Modules


Helps to streamline and organize admissions process and providing real-time insight into your applicant pool.

  • Multi-institution & multi-campus
  • Online/walk-in application
  • Auto verify admission eligibility
  • Adaptive checklist
  • Evaluation & processing
  • Admission affer & payment
  • Built-in Email/SMS & reporting

Curriculum & Academics

Enabling you to gain maximum control over the records—from the course catalog and schedule of classes to student data.

  • Centralized record with complete history
  • Online curse registration
  • Maintain the different versions of curriculum
  • Student attendance & grades
  • Student transfer & promotion
  • Grade report & transcript
  • Graduation & alumni

Online Learning / LMS

Content management delivery, blending & personalized learning, teacher & students communication & collaboration, online exams; all at one place.

  • Manage course outlines
  • Define Syllabus / lesson plan
  • Upload course material / resources
  • Personalize academic calendar
  • Live chat with other class members
  • Online quizzes, assignments & exam
  • Online discussions, Forumns & announcements
  • Conduct online surveys & polls

Student Financial & Financial Aid

Simplifies the process for managing fee, invocing & payment. Find and use the financial information you need to make critical decisions.

  • Flexible, rules-based fee structure
  • Power fee calculation engine
  • Generate & review fee bills
  • Manage studnent ledger
  • Payments & collection
  • Reversal & refunds
  • Scholarship, discount & waivers
  • Tailor payment plans / installments

Self Services & Mobile App

Enable Students, Parents & Staff to access information and use different features / function in the system from anytime and any where.

  • Manage personal information
  • View attendance & grades
  • View the student fee ledger
  • Download invoice & make payment
  • Plan the course work
  • Online course registration
  • Access the program road map

Data Analytics & Reporting

Simplifies the process for managing fee, invocing & payment. Find and use the financial information you need to make critical decisions.

  • Generate reports in PDF / Excel
  • Customize reports based on user req.
  • Visually stunning Data Exploration
  • Graphs & Trends to measure performance metrics
  • Export data in excel for analysis
  • Insights for better operational decisions
  • Actionable Insights & Cognitive Analytics

About Us

We work with institutions to transform them into a modern campus.

Specialized in providing business solutions to Universities, Colleges & K-12
Experienced team delivered projects in Pakistan, ASEAN, North America, Australia, ME & Europe regions.
Huawei Partner in Higher Education
Oracle Partner in Higher Education.
Accumulative 70 + years experience. Worked with 40+ public & private institute worked around the globe.

Why Us?

A premier digital consultancy with an accumulative 70 + years experience that aims to help your institution maximize the potential of your business processes by furnishing unique, creative and out of the box solution tailored for your organization's growing need.

  • With the help of EFFII we are able to facilitate students for smooth online registration. Our Learning Management Process is streamlined. Teachers and Students find it very convenient to collaborate with each other and a better learning environment is created. XnRel Team is also very experienced and understands the needs of education sector.
  • Focus of Akhuwat has always been to provide quality education and by streamlining our processes, EEFII - Campus Management System helped us further. We have been able to provide an online learning environment to our students. With insightful dashboards, we are able to get daily reporting on our data. We are very happy with our choice of product and XnRel Team.
  • What we needed most was a system that could manage our expanding organization model and with help of Effii, all our campuses are managed very well in the system. It also comes with very powerful Financials module that helped us manage all fee rules and real time bank integration. XnRel Team is also very supportive and experienced in their domain.

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